Why Is There a Puddle of Red Fluid on My Garage Floor?

If the Puddle of red fluid on your garage floor is near the center of your automobile, your transmission is leaking. The transmission can leak from numerous parts including the torque converter, pan, and pan gasket. A leaking transmission is just one sign that your transmission needs to be repaired. Let’s talk about the other signs of a faulty transmission below.

Overheating Transmission

A leaking transmission is going to turn into an overheating transmission in no time. The reason why is that the transmission fluid helps to keep the transmission cool by lubricating the moving parts. The transmission fluid leak will reduce the level of fluid in the transmission. As such, the parts will generate more friction that will produce more heat.

Gear Slippage

Another sign that you need your transmission repaired is if it slips out of gear. This can be incredibly unnerving when you are driving. All of a sudden, your engine’s RPMs will increase substantially and you will lose power and speed.

Gear Skipping

A faulty transmission can also skip gears in the gear cycle or hesitate too long between each gear shift. When this happens, you will notice that the RPMs get too high before the transmission shifts into the next gear to reduce them.


If you ignore the above problems, there could be a point when the transmission becomes unresponsive. What this means is that the transmission will not go into gear at all. Unfortunately, you will be stranded where you are at because you cannot operate the vehicle with an unresponsive transmission.

Gear Grinding

A faulty transmission may also start to grind the gears, especially if the fluid level is too low. This is not the only sound a malfunctioning transmission will make, however. The transmission may also clunk or squeal. It can also make a strange humming sound, especially when the transmission is in Neutral.

Rough Gear Shifts

Finally, you either have a mechanical problem with the transmission or low transmission fluid if it is shifting the gears roughly and making your car jerk. This may occur and you may hear strange noises coming from the transmission, as well. Your car may also jerk without any strange noise.

We are transmission experts, so call us today if you are having problems with your automatic or manual transmission. We can inspect the transmission thoroughly to determine the problem. Once we have found it, we will give you a detailed estimate to repair it.

Photo by Aleksandr Kichigin via Canva Pro

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